Podcast Accelerator FAQ

Do you publish my podcast?

No, we are a Mastermind of podcast hosts working together to share knowledge and contacts. If you need a podcast agency we recommend Pikkal & Co

I am not that experienced - can I still join the Podcast Accelerator?

If you are starting, starting out and in the early stages, we recommend you join as a Member and get all the benefits of knowledge and support that the Podcast XLR community provides.

Do you offer a Podcast XLR Trial?

The best way to try it out is to join for 1 month as an Associate Member. We are confident you will find value in the Accelerator, but you might not be ready yet... so you can cancel at any time without hassle.

I am a Podcast Producer / Agency - is XLR for me?

YES. The Podcast Accelerator is for professionals who have a vested interested in growing audiences and making podcasts a success. This can be a podcast agency representing their client podcasts and wanting to learn what works, find promotion partners or it could be a producer who wants to understand the industry better.

Who is The Podcast Accelerator?

The Podcast Accelerator is wholly owned and run by Pikkal & Co - award winning podcast agency. XLR is run by Graham Brown and K Bharath aka "Magic Mic".

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